Credence Hospitality Developments, since its foundation in 1983, has embarked on a mission to become Egypt's leading leisure choice, celebrating the beauty of Egypt’s culture, people, and nature across a diverse array of sectors including hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Recognised for its exemplary environmental, social, and governance (ESG) achievements as featured in the World Bank Group's IFC Middle East and North Africa Success Stories, Credence has strategically organised its ventures into four mother brands, each with distinct sub-brands that cater to various aspects of the leisure and hospitality industry.
Sindbad Club, combining Sindbad Aqua Hotel and Sindbad Aqua Resort, is a mixed-use destination that redefines vibrant leisure experiences. It offers an exciting blend of hotels, attractions, dining, and entertainment, catering to both families and adults. Highlighted by its leading water park, dynamic day and night live entertainment, professional sports facilities, and extensive kids' club programs, Sindbad Club is more than just a place to stay—it's a journey filled with inspiring and unforgettable moments. Recognised by the Ministry of Tourism for its positive impact on Egypt's tourism industry, Sindbad Club stands as a comprehensive retreat where every moment is infused with excitement.
Sindbad Experiences sets a global benchmark in high-end travel with its exclusive collection of adventures, including the pioneering Sindbad Submarines, the exhilarating Quest, and one of the destination's leading scuba diving academies, DBA. From exploring underwater marvels in the Middle East and Africa's only submarines to diving expeditions that cater to all skill levels; these experiences are curated to inspire thought, curiosity, and appreciation for our local natural environment. Sindbad Experiences has been recognised for its positive impact on the Red Sea wildlife by the Ministry of Environment, showcasing its commitment to conservation and sustainable adventure.
Serry, with its offerings including Serry Beach Resort and Serry Beach House, redefines luxury through a rich, experiential journey that connects guests with traditions that embrace the Arabian culture, the beauty of the surrounding nature and their own wellbeing through a serene and mindful way of living. Recognised by the New York Times as a "Place to Go in 2024," Serry prioritises meaningful experiences over opulence, offering a blend of entertainment, personal development, and cultural exploration. This brand is a sanctuary for those seeking transformative experiences, emphasising sustainability and a deep engagement with the environment and local heritage.
Urbane is a visionary lifestyle brand that revives the grandeur of Cairo's traditional hotels and restaurants from bygone eras, infusing them with a contemporary spirit. Urbane has become a cultural and social vanguard, celebrated in prestigious international publications, including Conde Nast Traveller's "25 Reasons to Visit Cairo." With iconic establishments such as Da Karma, Sequoia, Left Bank, and Mirai under its banner, Urbane's brands have been consistently featured among Egypt's top 10 restaurants. Catering to the contemporary traveller, Urbane champions a lifestyle that revives the beauty and appreciation of Cairo's rich heritage through curated events and experiences, positioning it as a movement towards a more interconnected, inspired, and culturally enriched lifestyle.