• Sindbad Aqua Hotel


Credence aims to be egypt’s leading leisure choice. Since 1983, it has launched more than 35 innovative projects in a wide variety of fields, including hotels, real estate, attractions, and restaurants. After years of aggressive expansion, the organizational strategy was redirected toward consolidating into two main bodies: Sindbad Club and Urbane. Sindbad Club is a developer of mixed- use destinations that owns and manages integrated hotels, attractions, and real estate. Urbane Develops and manages innovative food concepts and urban developments.

Credence operates in the following business sectors:

Sindbad Beach Resort, Hurghada, Red Sea
Sindbad Aqua Hotel, Hurghada, Red Sea
Sindbad Aqua Resort, Hurghada, Red Sea

Sindbad Aqua Park, Hurghada, Red Sea
Sindbad Submarines, Hurghada, Red Sea
Sindbad Quest, Hurghada, Red Sea

Sequoia, Egypt
Left Bank, Egypt
Mirai, Egypt